Bernie Sanders Gets Popped In The Face By A Speed Bag

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got more than he bargained for during a recent Vice News interview when he tried to show off his boxing skills, only to get knocked in the face by a speed bag.

According to a photo posted on Twitter by Vice News’ Elizabeth Landers, Sanders took a round on the speed bag at the Muhammad Ali Center in Kentucky. (RELATED: San Fran Restaurant Owner Says Bernie Sanders Lost His Vote: ‘He Was Just Rude’)

Sanders joked afterward that he might need a speed bag to get out “my damn aggression.”

Unfortunately for Sanders, a video clip of his speed bag work started circulating around Twitter — and it shows the Democratic 2020 presidential candidate getting hit in the face.

In the video, Sanders is seen taking a swing at the bag, only for it to quickly come back and knock him off balance. He then attempts to hit the bag again, only to miss entirely.

Boxing is the second sport Sanders has participated in during the past month. His campaign recently organized a softball game with the media at the “Field of Dreams” in Iowa, and Sanders was seen pitching and batting with relative ease.