Carli Lloyd Says She’s ‘Considering’ NFL Offers

(Photo by Pedro Vilela/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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American soccer star Carli Lloyd is apparently taking a serious look at playing in the NFL.

The USWNT sensation reportedly has at least one offer to play in the preseason for an NFL squad, but it sounded like she was initially going to turn it down. The offer stemmed from a video of her booting a 55-yard field goal. Well, it now sounds like she might give it a shot. (RELATED: Carli Lloyd Reportedly Offered NFL Contract To Kick In A Preseason Game)

“I think that it’s possible. I’m considering the offers and we’ll see what happens,” Lloyd said in a video posted on Twitter on Wednesday by Jeff Skversky.

Look, I’m a big fan of Lloyd as a soccer player and I think her World Cup domination is awesome. It’s something Americans everywhere should be proud of.

She’s an incredible example of what American excellence looks like.


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However, putting her on an NFL field is just asking for a disaster to unfold. Does she have the leg to put some boom on the ball?

Sure, but there is a physical angle people don’t seem to be considering here. As I’ve said before, NFL kickers are still huge human beings compared to your average person.

What happens if she has to try to chase down somebody and gets hurt? Then, this whole social experiment won’t be very funny.


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Let Lloyd stick to soccer and let’s stop this nonsense. It’s extremely pointless.