Shaq Responds To Kobe Bryant Criticism By Saying The Lakers Star Should Have Passed More

(Photo credit: LUCY NICHOLSON/AFP/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Shaquille O’Neal has officially responded to some recent criticism from former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Kobe Bryant.

The legendary guard said that he would have had 12 rings if Shaq his kind of work ethic and mentality. The duo only won three together. (RELATED: Kobe Bryant Says Shaq Would Have Been The Greatest Ever If He Had His Work Ethic)

In a screenshot posted by The Big Lead, Shaq responded on an Instagram post by stating, “U woulda had twelve if u passed the ball more especially in the finals against the pistons #facts.”

However, it’s also clear this isn’t much of a real beef, but more of just two old guys trading wisecracks. Kobe put any issues of a beef to rest on Twitter on Wednesday when he said, “Ain’t nothin but love there and we too old to beef anyway.”

I really didn’t wake up today expecting to see some back and forth between Kobe and Shaq. Really didn’t expect that at all.

It just goes to show those two men can still both move the needle without much effort at all. One moment, they’re minding their own business. Then, a single comment from Kobe kicks off a huge storm in the world of basketball.

I think it’s safe to say those two men still hold a lot of influence in the sport.

It’s also just awesome to see Kobe and Shaq having some fun together. There was a short time period years ago where they really didn’t seem too friendly.

Now, they’re clearly enjoying joshing around. It’s been an interesting and unexpected day in the world of the NBA to say the least.