John Kennedy Says Comey ‘Ought To Hide His Head In A Bag’ After IG Report

Photo by ALEX EDELMAN/AFP/Getty Images

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Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy ripped former FBI Director James Comey after a Department of Justice watchdog found that the former director violated FBI policy.

The Inspector General’s report released Thursday found that Comey mishandled seven memos he wrote in early 2017 detailing conversations he had with President Donald Trump. (RELATED: CNN Hires Andrew McCabe As A Contributor)

“Sandra, power does not change you, it unmasks you,” Kennedy told Fox News’ host Sandra Smith. “I believed for a long time and this report confirms it, Mr. Comey is a meat head. He is a political hack. He hurt the F.B.I. badly.”


Since his firing four months into the Trump Administration, Comey has emerged as a harsh critic of the president, frequently attacking him on Twitter and donating money to his political opponents. (RELATED: Rod Rosenstein Defends Handling Of Mueller Report)

“The F.B.I. Should not be a political body. And Mr. Comey acted like a political operative while he was F.B.I. Director and every day since,” Kennedy said. “I think Chris Wray has a lot of work to do to regain the American — the confidence of the American people for the F.B.I.”

Kennedy added that while he believes most FBI officials are “professionals,” Comey has done significant damage to the institution.

“I believe before this report came out, he just cheapened the premier law enforcement agency in all of human history,” Kennedy said. “He ought to hide his head in a bag.”