‘Disturbing’: Chris Wallace Rips James Comey’s ‘Self-Righteousness’ Following IG Report

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace chastised former FBI Director James Comey for what he considered “a sanctimony, a self-righteousness that is disturbing” following the release of the Inspector General report.

Though Comey’s failures as the agency’s director didn’t rise to the level of prosecution, the report concluded that the former FBI director “failed to live up to this responsibility … by not safeguarding sensitive information obtained during the course of his FBI employment.”

Comey, however, demanded an apology based on the fact that none of the information he leaked was classified.


“On the one hand, it obviously was quite damning what the inspector general said,” said Wallace, speaking to “Shepard Smith Reporting” guest host Trace Gallagher on Friday evening. “On the other hand, the Justice Department did not prosecute him and the final decision was that they couldn’t find evidence that he had passed classified information on to the media. Comey, of course, takes that as exoneration.” (RELATED: White House Responds To IG Report On Former FBI Director James Comey)

“There’s a sanctimony, a self-righteousness that is disturbing,” added the Fox New anchor. “He seems to think that somehow the FBI rules and regulations that apply to the 35,000 other members of that agency don’t apply to him, and if he sees a higher purpose, and whatever he believes is right is the higher purpose, then he’ll just go around it. He’s not going to serve a prison term, he’s not even going to be prosecuted, at least for this. We’ll see where the other investigations go, but it’s a serious stain on his reputation.”

“Wrong is wrong,” said Gallagher.