‘Seinfeld’ Actor ‘Embarrassed’ For Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Slams ‘Obscene’ Hollywood Double Standard

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Actor John O’Hurley said he is “embarrassed” for liberal actors Debra Messing and Eric McCormack after the “Will & Grace” co-stars expressed a desire to dox Hollywood Trump supporters.

Messing and McCormack called for journalists to publish a list of attendees at an upcoming Emmys week fundraiser for Trump’s reelection, purportedly so they can refuse to work with them.

The actor, best known for his longstanding role as J. Peterman on the hit NBC sitcom “Seinfeld,” weighed in on the controversy during a Labor Day afternoon broadcast of Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters.”


O’Hurley told Fox News anchor Leland Vittert that liberalism only seems to completely dominate Hollywood because “they have the bully pulpit right now to say it out loud,” and while conservatives are “tougher to find and certainly tougher to poll,” liberals “form packs” and “groups.”

“Is it a real black listing or making life more difficult?” asked Vittert.

“Well, let me just say that I’m embarrassed for both of them,” O’Hurley responded. “And I’ll say this because I know them both and I’ve worked with Debra before. They are both smart people. They do wonderful work, but they’re pushing the case that falls apart from the sheer weight of its lunacy as though the Hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking. It falls — it underscores the fact that we aren’t receptive to diversity of thought, which is the exact opposite of what you feel the liberal way would be. And I find that obscene.”

“It is very difficult to be a conservative in Hollywood,” O’Hurley lamented. “Even though there are many of us, you do feel like you are an island fighting the storm.” (RELATED: After Jim Carrey Goes All In On Socialism, Venezuelan Journalist Hits Back With Harsh Fact Check)

The “Seinfeld” actor did observe that things seem to be more intense now because “they’re predisposed to not liking the man at the top right now.”