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Dave Chappelle Faces Backlash From Many On The Left For His Latest Comedy Sketch

Noah Adamitis Associate Editor
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One of the hardest hitting and most politically incorrect, yet also one of the most famous comedians has released a new Netflix comedy special and is now facing the wrath of the progressive left.

Dave Chappelle released a new comedy sketch called, “Sticks and Stones,” on Netflix recently and it features some of his most controversial work yet. In the words of Tonja Renee Stidum, writing for thegrapevine.theroot.com, “Dave Chappelle doesn’t really give a f-ck what people think.” In his special, Chappelle targets groups ranging from the LGBT community, white meth addicts, Louis C.K.’s accusers, and perhaps most controversially, Michael Jackson’s alleged victims. His comedic boldness has earned praise from many conservatives who view Chappelle’s work as a push back against politically correct culture as well as the ire of some progressives working at several mainstream media companies.