Andrew Yang Skirts Question On Mandatory Electric Cars, Gets The Laugh Anyway

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic 2020 presidential hopeful Andrew Yang skirted questions about electric cars — and whether or not he would make them mandatory — from Wolf Blitzer three times.

Blitzer pressed Yang several times in a row during Wednesday’s CNN Climate Change Town Hall event on the topic, and although Yang appeared to be trying to avoid answering, he still got a genuine laugh from the audience.


Blitzer asked Yang why he would promise federal funds for “potentially risky” and experimental means of energy production rather than throwing everything into things that were already proven to be effective, such as solar power.

Yang argued that, in a crisis, all options should be considered — even the ones that could pose a risk. “We’re here together because we can this is a crisis. In a crisis, all solutions have to be on the table. If you were attacking on one side, you should be researching various alternatives on the other side. That to me is just responsible management and responsible leadership,” Yang explained. (RELATED: Andrew Yang Says Electing Biden Would Take America ‘Backwards In Time’)

“Are all Americans going to have to drive electric cars?”Blitzer asked.

“Electric cars, it is not something you have to do. It’s awesome,” Yang smiled and the audience laughed. “So over time, yeah. You feel like you’re driving the future and I did not say that just because Elon Musk endorsed me the other week.”

“So what’s the answer? Are we all going to have to drive electric cars?” Blitzer asked again.

Yang responded, “We are all going to love driving our electric cars.”

Blitzer pressed one more time: “Will we have to drive electric cars?”

“Well, there will still be some legacy gas guzzlers on the road for some time,” Yang conceded, suggesting that a buyback program could be a solution. “This is not a country where you will take someone’s clunker away from them. But you are going to offer to buy the clunker back and help them upgrade.”