Andrew Yang Says Trump Rolled Back Light Bulb Regulations To ‘Mess With CNN’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang laughed off a question about President Donald Trump and light bulbs, suggesting that Trump was “messing with CNN.”

Yang, who participated in CNN’s Climate Town Hall event Wednesday, told his host Wolf Blitzer that the president’s move to roll back light bulb regulations seemed like a ploy to get media personalities worked up.


“President Trump announced plans today to roll back light bulb … light bulbs that were energy-efficient …”

“What’s up with that?” Yang asked, joking, “I think he’s just messing with CNN on that one.”

Blitzer also brought up the Green New Deal, asking Yang which parts he liked and which parts he didn’t.

Yang responded by saying that his main problem with the Green New Deal as presented by Democratic New York Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the timeline. (RELATED: The Green New Deal Would Cause Significant Environmental Damage, Report Finds)

“I love the vision of the Green New Deal. The framers of it have done us all a great service by energizing so many people around a vision,” Yang explained. “I mean, they are right that we need to take urgent action. The timeline that they put out there would do away with commercial air travel and a lot of other things in a particular time frame. If we have more time, we can head in the same direction and achieve most of the same value.”