Montgomery County Police And Prosecutors ‘Furious At Their Own Leadership’

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Washington D.C. radio host and Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese discussed a recently revealed illegal immigrant crime spree in Montgomery County, Maryland, on Tuesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Following news of Honduran national Emilio Carrasco-Hernandez becoming the seventh illegal alien to be arrested for a sex crime in the county after allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl, Coglianese told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that “rank and file police officers and prosecutors are furious at their own leadership” for allowing the situation to continue by refusing to work with federal officials.


“Why are we just learning about this now?” asked Carlson. “Is there some reason that seven of these stories have come to light in such a short time?”

After noting that such criminal behavior by illegal aliens, many of which involved “sexual rape or abuse of a minor,” is not “a new phenomenon,” Coglianese told Carlson that we’re finding out about them now because “rank and file police officers and prosecutors in Montgomery county are furious at their own leadership for allowing this problem to continue to fester as long as it has. These stories haven’t been public before because they have been trying to deal with them. But now they are done dealing with them.”

Montgomery County executive Mark Elrich, Coglianese said, has ensured that his county “is a place where illegal immigration is protected at all costs even at the expense of the community, and now cops and prosecutors are furious and they are taking matters into their own hands. They want these stories out.” (RELATED: Tucker Exposes ‘Ruling Class’ Behind Border Policy Uproar: ‘Their Goal Is To Change Your Country Forever’)

Having interviewed Elrich on his own D.C. radio show, Coglianese told Tucker how the county executive explains things from his perspective:

He doesn’t have explanations. He blames a lot. He points fingers at the federal government for allowing illegal immigrants to be in the area. He says that illegal immigration shouldn’t even be considered a problem. And when I pose questions to him about all of this, he responded to me ‘what do you think we should do? Deport all illegal immigrants?’ and my response to him was really simple, ‘if you don’t like the laws of this country, work to change them. But in the meantime enforce them,’ and that’s not what they are doing in Montgomery County.

County officials do not allow federal agents into the jails, Coglianese said, so “the Feds have to stand outside and catch these guys when they are coming out,” making things more unsafe. One source inside the jails even told the radio host that the jail will even release MS-13 members even after being told not to by federal officials.

“They don’t have an address on file, and he looks at these jailers in the face he will smile and he will walk right out the door,” said Coglianese.

“Meanwhile children are raped,” Carlson responded.