CNN Bashes Trump For Allegedly Doctoring Weather Map — The Network Mislabeled Alabama Last Week

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN attacked President Donald Trump for allegedly doctoring a weather map — but the network mislabeled the state of Alabama just last week.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham posted a screen shot of the graphic, which showed the southeastern United States, along with a barb directed at CNN. Alabama was mislabeled as “Mississippi.”

“Hi @CNN, I know you guys are busy analyzing lines on a map, but perhaps you use your time to study up on U.S. geography?” Grisham tweeted.

The mislabeled map actually appeared last Friday during CNN’s “Early Start” at the beginning of the 5 am (ET) hour.

President Trump was attacked after he showed a weather map showing Hurricane Dorian’s effects expanding into eastern Alabama which some said had been altered.

The New York Times’ Annie Karni explained, “Kellyanne Conway long ago introduced us to ‘alternate facts.’ This seems to be alternate maps.”

After being accused of doctoring the map, the president responded by sharing another graphic that included the earlier projected paths of Hurricane Dorian, adding, “This was the originally projected path of the Hurricane in its early stages. As you can see, almost all models predicted it to go through Florida also hitting Georgia and Alabama. I accept the Fake News apologies!” (RELATED: ‘Debra The Mess’ — Trump Hands Debra Messing A New Nickname While Accusing Her Of McCarthyism And Racism)

CNN continued to attack Trump over “Sharpiegate,” however:

The network even fired off a snarky reply to Grisham on Thursday, saying, “Thanks, Stephanie. Yes, we made a mistake (which we fixed in less than 30 seconds). And now we are admitting it. You all should try it sometime.”