O.J. Simpson Suggests Running Backs Should Tell NFL Owners They Want To Be Receivers

(Photo: VINCE BUCCI/AFP/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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O.J. Simpson has a bold idea for running backs to get paid more and stay healthy.

You’re probably thinking the legendary NFL rusher wants to change the offense or something. He probably wants to spread things out to avoid as many major collisions out of the backfield. (RELATED: O.J. Simpson Urges The Cowboys And Chargers To Pay Ezekiel Elliott And Melvin Gordon)

He doesn’t want to change how they come out of the backfield. He doesn’t want them coming out of the backfield at all because he wants them to just switch positions!

“Next year when you come back to camp, you tell that owner that you don’t want to be a running back. You want to be a wide receiver. They know know you can run routes and catch the ball. And, guess what? When the game is over, you’re not going to be sore,” Simpson said Wednesday in his Twitter video about elite running backs switching positions.

Watch his full comments below.

I’m not a genius by any measure (despite what some might tell you), but I’m pretty sure this plan from Simpson isn’t going to work. I don’t think owners are just going to let players switch positions like it’s football at recess.

Imagine Ezekiel Elliott trying to run deep routes. No chance in hell. They might be able to catch balls on routes out of the backfield, but there’s a reason running backs don’t play receiver.

The only one in the league right now that I could see as a dominant receiver would be Christian McCaffrey, and he’d mostly have to play out of the slot. The rest of them would likely struggle if they had to strictly line up as a receiver.

On a side note, I’m loving these videos from Simpson. Life is a wild thing. One day, you’re an NFL star, the next you’re beating a double murder charge and now he’s just offering outlandish advice on social media.

It’s almost like the guy is just living in a different world. Seeing an O.J. Simpson video pop up on my timeline always gets me excited because you have literally no idea what he’ll say.

He’ll go from talking about football to talking about how he didn’t have sex with Kris Jenner like it’s no big deal at all.

I can’t wait to see and hear what he says next.