First Responder Cheers Sarah Sanders: ‘You Would Make One Heck Of A Firefighter’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders made her debut on Friday’s “Fox & Friends” in front of a live audience of first responders.

When host Steve Doocy opened the floor for questions and comments from the audience, one firefighter named Chris stood up to say his piece. (RELATED: Weren’t They Just Complaining About Sanders? Critics Pile On CNN After McCabe Hire)


“More of a comment than it is a question,” Chris clarified. “I have three daughters and three granddaughters. You are a true inspiration to women, not just in our country but throughout the world. I want to thank you for what you’ve gone through. To be honest with you, from bottom of my heart I think you would make one heck of a firefighter.”

Sanders laughed along with the audience. “Thank you so much. It is an honor to be with all of these first-responders. Very close to my heart. My grandfather was a firefighter. My daughter is named after him. So thank you for what you guys do,” she said. “I always say the work we do is easy compared to the people that are first-responders and those in our military that actually put their lives on the line and really take a risk that is far beyond anything, any of us in politics or public service could ever do, what you do is really remarkable.”

“Thank you for your kind words,” Sanders concluded with a joke. “Good luck with all those women in your house. I’m sure you haven’t made a decision in a long time.”