Massive Online Gun Shop Trolls Walmart

(Brownells/Press Kit) (Walmart/Press Kit)

Kyle Hooten Contributor
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One of America’s largest sporting goods retailers is taking shots at Walmart’s new ammo policy with an add campaign and limited edition t-shirt.

Brownells is a retailer that offers a variety of firearms, gun parts and accessories primarily through its online store. Recently, the company added a new t-shirt to its inventory. The politically charged garment aims to critique Walmart for its recent decision to stop selling ammunition for the types of firearms frequently targeted by gun control.

Brownell’s new t-shirt is now available to preorder at $14.99, and features what appears to be seven .357 magnum rounds arranged to resemble Walmart’s logo set before a Walmart-blue background. The shirt also showcases Brownell’s name and implores viewers to “save freedom. Buy ammo.”

The gun seller also bashed Walmart in a marketing email, promising customers that they’d continue to offer “big-box pricing on handgun & ‘SBR ammo.'” SBR stands for short barreled rifle.

A Brownells sent this marketing email which included discount deals on ammunition as well as a shot at Walmart. (Brownells/Email)

A Brownells sent this marketing email which included discount deals on ammunition as well as a shot at Walmart. (Brownells/Promotional Email)

Many gun enthusiasts were confused when Walmart vowed to stop selling ammunition for handguns and SBRs. This is because while handguns are generally chambered in handgun-specific calibers, however any caliber of rifle can be converted to an SBR after a lengthy and expensive ATF approval and registration process. (RELATED: Tucker And Patel: Walmart’s ‘Woke Capitalism’)

A Walmart spokesperson has also said the company will stop selling ammo that “can also be used in large-capacity magazines,” according to the Washington Free Beacon. As the Beacon points out, this makes no sense because any round can be placed into a so-called “high capacity magazine.”

Walmart’s new policy nixes the sale of .223/5.56 ammunition. Rifles chambered in .223/5.56 are cheap to feed and easy to shoot, making them immensely common and popular. Before its recent decision, Walmart sold roughly 20% of the ammunition in America. With the removal of handgun rounds, .223/5.56 rounds and other calibers from its lineup, the company’s share of the ammo market could drop as low as 6%, according to the Washington Post.