Sex Offender Arrested For Planting Spy Camera In Female Restroom Toilets At James Bond Studio

(Credit: Shutterstock BaLL LunLa)

A man who placed cameras in the women’s restrooms at the studio where the newest James Bond movie is being filmed was sentenced to jail.

Peter Hartley, 50, installed hidden cameras inside the bathrooms of the Pinewood Studios in order to record women using the bathroom, according to a report published Friday by The Guardian.

Hartley worked in maintenance for the studio and was only caught after a worker from the set of “No Time to Die” noticed a light reflecting on the hidden camera lens. The light reflection was similar “to light reflecting off the face of a watch.”

The maintenance man was sentenced to 16 months in jail and will be a registered sex offender for the next ten years. (RELATED: Prince Charles Offered Role In Upcoming James Bond Movie)

Hartley told police he placed the cameras in the women’s restroom for “sexual gratification.”

“I suppose sexual gratification is the main reason, as I’ve learned from my past whenever something bad or stressful happens I act out,” Hartley said.

This isn’t the firs time the 50-year-old man has participated in a situation in which cameras were involved. Hartley reportedly installed cameras in a council building back in 2009 and in a changing room in 2016.

“I don’t believe he has any remorse,” the woman who found the camera said in a statement. “This was a deliberate act using high definition, wide angle and vibration-triggered equipment. He knew exactly what he was doing and must have seen the damage [to the victims] last time..”