Joe Biden Refers To George W. Bush As The ‘Last President’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Former Vice President Joe Biden was speaking in New Hampshire Friday when he once again made a verbal gaffe, referring to George W. Bush as the “last president.”

“I’m the only guy that’s beaten the NRA, and my state is a big gun-owning state because of hunting,” Biden said in Laconia, New Hampshire, according to a video posted by the GOP War Room.

“I’m the only guy that’s beaten them twice. I got assault weapons banned for 10 years, it had to be reauthorized because of hanging chads in Florida. The last president said no, I’m not going to reauthorize it.”

Biden is referring to the 10-year assault weapons ban passed under President Bill Clinton in 1994 that was not renewed under President George W. Bush.

Bush is, of course, not the “last president,” as Biden served as vice president under former President Barack Obama.

During the same appearance, Biden also seemed to refer to Charlottesville, Virginia simply as “Charlotte.”

Biden, currently the Democratic front runner, has made numerous verbal flubs and remarks while on the campaign trail. (RELATED: Joe Biden Stumbles Over His Words In Iowa Speech)

Last month, he appeared to forget Obama’s name during a speech, and he seemed to think that he was vice president during the Parkland, Florida shooting, which took place over a year after he left office.

The 76-year-old also said that his health care plan was going to be “not quality” in a speech in August.