Pence Assures British PM There Will Be A U.S.-U.K. Trade Deal After Brexit

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Paulina Likos Contributor
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Vice President Mike Pence assured British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the United States will step in to pursue a trade deal once Britain exits the European Union (EU) during his visit to the U.K.

“Our message is clear: The minute the U.K. is out, America is in.” Vice President Mike Pence said while addressing Johnson, according to the Associated Press.

There are hurdles to a successful U.S.-U.K. deal. Johnson has expressed concerns over America’s tough negotiation strategy and British officials say they will oppose an unbalanced agreement that appears to be in greater favor of U.S. priorities. 

Johnson responded to Pence’s assurance by saying, “I know you guys are very tough negotiators, so we’re going to work very heard to make sure that free trade is one that works for all sides.” 

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) greets US Vice-President Mike Pence in central London on September 5, 2019. (OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson (L) greets US Vice-President Mike Pence in central London on September 5, 2019. (OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images)

Before a trade deal between the two countries can be considered, Britain will have to negotiate its way out of the EU before a trade deal with the U.S. can be considered according to AP analysis. (RELATED: KASSAM: What’s Going On With Brexit? Here’s An Explainer)

Another issue is the fate of Northern Ireland, which is a part of the U.K. and what will happen to the so-called Irish “backstop if Britain leaves the EU. 

The ‘backstop’ is a name given in the UK and EU that prevents a border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, a part of the EU, if the UK and the EU come to a stalemate on the future of a trade deal, which is seen as part of the a Brexit deal.

There is a falling out that is emerging between North Irish and Irish politicians over discussions on trade. Issues with Brexit could cause severe problems for Northern Ireland since that they would lose whole of European market and most businesses, according to BBC.

Johnson’s attempt to address this border issue by replacing the Irish backstop fell through, according to The Guardian, following the latest meeting between the British PM’s chief negotiator and the EU. (RELATED: GRANDE: Brexit Is More Than A British Concern)

Nancy Pelosi also weighed in on the Irish border concern and has said there is “no chance” the U.S. Congress with approve the trade pact if Irish border is closed.

Larry Kudlow, a top economic advisor in the Trump administration said the goal of the U.S. is to begin a trade agreement with the U.K. however it understands the U.K.’s approval is to move forward with negotiations is required first.

“It’s not a tomorrow question. I mean the most important trade deal is USMCA. That is our top legislative priority, Kudlow explained