Black Trump Supporter Said His Friends Told Him Not To Wear MAGA Hat — So He Bought The ‘Biggest’ One

Shutterstock Brandon Stivers

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A black supporter waiting to see President Donald Trump’s rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina on Monday night says his friends don’t want him to wear a red MAGA hat, so he bought the “biggest” one.

“I have a lot of friends who tell me that I shouldn’t support Donald Trump because I’m black,” Bryson Gray told CBS 17 before the rally, “which is sort of insane because I can support whoever the hell I want. And then also they tell me that I shouldn’t wear the MAGA hat, so I bought the biggest MAGA hat.”

Gray was indeed clad in what was likely the “biggest” MAGA hat to be found, and it clearly struck a nerve. The Trump War Room Twitter account’s Monday evening post garnered 70,000 views in less than two hours and had already collected almost 9,000 Twitter likes at time of publication. (RELATED: BET Founder Gives Thumbs Up To Trump, Thumbs Down To Democrats)

Trump held his MAGA-KAG campaign rally Monday night at Fayetteville’s Crown Expo Center.