Coors Light Has Bizarre Beer Commercial About Women Not Wanting To Wear A Bra

Coors Light Ad (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6kZAICImvA&app=desktop)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Coors Light’s marketing team might want to go back to the drawing board after an ad that played Sunday during the NFL action.

In the short ad for the beer company, the pitch was that this was the cold brew of choice for women who just want to get home and take their bra off. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

You probably think I’m making this up because it sounds so bizarre. Trust me, I’m not. I was just as stunned when I saw it as I’m sure you are hearing about it. (SLIDESHOW: 142 Times Josephine Skriver Barely Wore Anything)

Give it a watch below.

Now, I don’t want people to think I hate Coors Light or something. Yes, I’m a Michelob Ultra and Miller Lite fan, but I have nothing against Coors. (SLIDESHOW: 71 Times Samantha Hoopes Stripped Down)

Hell, I’ve enjoyed more than a few Coors Banquets in my day. (SLIDESHOW: This Blonde Bombshell Might Be The Hottest Model On The Internet)

However, this ad just doesn’t make sense. Since when was drinking a beer about taking your bra off and why is this running during NFL games?

I’m not a marketing expert, but the average person watching an NFL game is probably a dude. Now, Coors did have some good ads for them.

They had one about shower beers and beer with breakfast. Both of those were great and made sense.

The beer commercial about the bra is just absurd, and just so out of left field that it’s almost hard for me to believe that it’s real.

Well, it’s very real, and I’m not a fan. Don’t get me wrong. I love women, and I like the idea of relaxing after a long hard day, but this ad was just too much for me.

You know you’ve made a mistake when I think a beer ad just doesn’t work.