Sarah Palin’s Critics Rush To Celebrate Her Crumbling Marriage

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The impending demise of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s 31-year marriage to her husband, Todd, was met with mocking and glee from her critics on Twitter.

Citing “incompatibility of temperament,” Todd Palin filed for divorce on Monday in Anchorage Superior Court. The couple have four adult children and one minor, Trig, whose custody will be split between his two parents.

Palin became Alaska’s governor in 2006, but rose to national fame when then Arizona senator and GOP presidential nominee John McCain selected her to be his running mate in 2008. The staunch conservative quickly became a lightening rod, drawing the ire of progressives for her early support of the Tea Party movement and, eventually, Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy.

Many of those progressives, including singer Bette Midler, were quick to take to Twitter to get a jab in at Palin’s expense. (RELATED: #BoycottHomeDepot Trends On Twitter As Trump Haters Pan Billionaire’s Plans To Donate To President’s Reelection)