Abby Huntsman Claims Ivanka Trump ‘Wanted To Tell Me Something That She Couldn’t’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Abby Huntsman claimed on Tuesday’s “The View” that Ivanka Trump had clearly “wanted” to say something to her during their interview in February.

Huntsman suggested that Ivanka, who has traditionally been more liberal than President Donald Trump, might be walking a bit of a tightrope with regard to working in her father’s administration. (RELATED: Abby Huntsman Loves ‘Mayor Pete,’ But He Does One Thing That Makes Her ‘Uncomfortable’)


The discussion began with an article suggesting that there was a war raging between Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. with regard to who was the favorite in the president’s eyes.

Co-host Meghan McCain gave Trump Jr. credit for the way he campaigned but also noted that she was still not thrilled with Ivanka. “No offense, they crashed my dad’s funeral. They get nothing from me. Really, they’re not good people,” she said.

Huntsman later appeared to defend Ivanka, saying, “When I interviewed Ivanka, I could see it in her face that she wanted to tell me something that she couldn’t.”

“Like what?” Joy Behar asked.

“Was she blinking her eyes quickly?” Sunny Hostin asked.

“I’m serious because —” Huntsman tried to get back on track.

“Morse code?” Hostin added, and the audience laughed.

“What I took from it is she disagrees with him on almost everything, and she has to make the decision of, ‘do I have a relationship with my dad and work in the White House’ —” Huntsman explained.

“Or do I save the country — the United States?” Behar quipped.

“To Abby’s point though, in the article it was saying that they really want to be accepted back into New York liberal society,” McCain pointed out.

“No way. Don’t come to New York,” Behar said.