ESPN Ranks Top 150 College Football Teams Ever, Alabama Mentioned 18 Times

(Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports - via Reuters)

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This year is the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the greatest sport in world history: college football.

To celebrate the anniversary, ESPN ranked the top 150 teams in college football history Tuesday, and the Alabama Crimson Tide were mentioned 18 times, more than any other program. (RELATED: Why Alabama Will Win The 2019 National Championship)

It’s no surprise that the Crimson Tide was well represented in these rankings. After all, Alabama is undoubtedly the greatest team in college football history.

The highest ranked Alabama team on the list was the 1979 national championship team, which is deserving. That was a great team. Most of the list is actually pretty good, but there are a couple of misses. (RELATED: SEC Football Week 1 Preview: The Season Begins Anew)

The 2011 Alabama football team had the best defense I have personally ever seen, yet ESPN has them 51st. While it’s true that team failed to win the SEC, they dominated in their wins and were a few missed field goals against LSU away from potentially going down as the greatest team in college football history.

Likewise, the 2018 Alabama team was ranked 87th. Last year’s Crimson Tide team won every regular season game by more than three touchdowns and was 14-0 going into the final game. If they had won the national championship, they would likely have gone down as the greatest team of all time. Sure, the Crimson Tide laid an egg in the final game with a banged-up quarterback, but that shouldn’t have been enough to move them down 86 spots.

The 2018 Alabama team was one of the most incredible teams ever despite the final game.

Other than that, there are no huge problems with the list. ESPN’s rankings simply confirmed what we already knew. Alabama is the greatest program in college football history and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Roll tide!