Johnny Depp Defends Dior Ad Facing Backlash For Cultural Appropriation

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

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Actor Johnny Depp defended his Dior ad after the film received backlash over alleged cultural appropriation.

“Sauvage” was pulled on Aug. 30 after the commercial was deemed offensive to Native Americans, according to a report published Sunday by The Hollywood Reporter.

Depp defended the film saying the small clip of the full project wasn’t reflective of the whole ad “We Are The Land.”

“A teaser obviously is a very concentrated version of images and there were objections to the teaser of the small film. The film has never been seen,” Depp said. (RELATED: Gucci Apologizes For Selling ‘Blackface Sweater’)

“There was never, and how could there be or how would there be, any dishonorable [intent],” he added. “The film was made with a great respect for the indigenous people not just of North America but all over the world. It’s a pity that people jumped the gun and made these objections. However, their objections are their objections.”

The Dior ad immediately faced criticism after debuting. The feature showed Depp wandering through a desert surrounded by Native Americans in traditional clothing. Depp admitted that the film was made with the direction of the Comanche Nation and other organizations, THR reported.

“I can assure you that no one has any reason to go out to try to exploit,” Depp said. “It was a film made out of great respect and with great respect and love for the Native American peoples to bring light to them. They haven’t had the greatest amount of help out of the United States government. The idea is as pure as it ever was, so we will come to an agreement so that everyone is happy.”