UCLA Gives Away Free Tickets To The Football Game Against Oklahoma

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The UCLA football program recently pulled off an insanely embarrassing move.

In a move brought to my attention by @RedditCFB and making the rounds on Twitter, the Bruins are giving out free tickets for the game Saturday against 4th-ranked Oklahoma. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Yes, a top five team is visiting UCLA for one of their biggest home games in years, and so few people are interested in attending that free tickets are being handed out.

This is such a sad and pathetic move that the UCLA football program should be shut down. What a disgraceful situation in Los Angeles.

A top team is coming to town! Get up, grab a beer, get to the game and support your team! I shouldn’t even have to say that.

The fact there are even tickets available to give away is absurdly embarrassing. How bad are UCLA fans?

The one I found, who apparently is the only with a pulse, responded to the news with, “For years, UCLA has put a terrible product out on the football field every Saturday. It is an embarrassment to such a prestigious university.”


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As somebody who has been to big college football games in the past, there’s nothing that beats the atmosphere at all. It’s like an out of body experience.

If Oklahoma was coming to Madison, the Badgers would have Camp Randall rocking. It’d be under the lights and the stadium would be on fire.

I wouldn’t expect a damn thing less out of Wisconsin or any other program. The fact we’re even having this conversation should make UCLA graduates ashamed.

Take away the football team, and don’t give it back until UCLA learns what it means to be a college sports fan. If you can’t show up for the biggest game of the year, then you have no business having a D1 program.

In the words of Ari Gold, get out!