CNN Guest Wajahat Ali Says Trump Could Help More Republicans Win If He’d Just Golf For A Year

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN contributor Wajahat Ali claimed Tuesday that President Donald Trump could do more for the Republican Party if he went back to Mar-a-Lago and just golfed for a year.

Ali joined anchor Chris Cuomo on “Cuomo Prime Time” to discuss the North Carolina special election and what to expect going into 2020. (RELATED: ‘Every Shade Of White Under The Sun’: CNN Contributor Mocks Diversity In Republican Party)


“Here’s what we know, okay?” Cuomo began by suggesting that because the North Carolina election was too close for comfort, it could prompt Republicans to pull out all the stops going into 2020. “I don’t care what happens tonight in this ninth district, its closer than it should have been. That’s going to make them start talking about what are we doing here message-wise, just went down there, thought we had a great rally, didn’t come out the way we wanted, why?”

Cuomo went on to argue that a tight race proved that Trump was having problems adding to his base. “What does that make you think about who you have to put in the position? Because they’re not going to argue about single payor plans. He’s going to be going at whoever it is as a bum from day one,” he said.

Ali said all Democrats should be on offense. “Democrats should be aggressive. You’re comparing yourself to Trump. Compared to Trump, every single democratic candidate is a flaming moderate,” he said. “In that poll you showed, all seven are head to head beating Trump right now. Be bold with your agenda, your policies, your health care policies, your climate change policies are far more popular than Donald Trump’s policies. Attack, attack, attack. Quit bringing a fork to a gun fight, Democrats. Fight Donald Trump. You can take him on.”

“This is what I think Donald Trump should do,” Ali continued. “He should go to Mar-a-Lago and not do anything for an entire year. Don’t tweet, don’t do anything. Just golf, because then he would improve the Republicans’ chances of maybe winning.”