How To Search For A Trusted Manufacturer Of Windows And Doors

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When the time for window replacement comes, homeowners must choose a windows and doors company that will provide them with the best product as well as meet their individual needs. But, how does one know for sure that a company is all that they claim to be?

We will give you helpful insight into how to choose a trustworthy company for replacement windows in Edmonton. Keep these tips in mind when it the time to make a final decision comes.

(Photo via Edward Win)

(Photo via Edward Win)

     1. Degree of Professionalism

A reputable windows and doors company will show professionalism from start to finish. Homeowners should be able to gauge if a company has an air of professionalism right from the initial contact.

No matter how outstanding their line of replacement windows, a noteworthy windows company must possess the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to assist their customers in finding the right windows for their home.

Most windows companies provide their customers with a free in-home consultation. If a company does not offer a free consult or estimate, this could be an indication that they are not the right windows company for your window replacement .

     2. Follow Through

What happens if the windows contractors do an exceptional job installing the windows, but the customer notices an issue after the installer has left the premises? What if there is damage to belongings? What if they do not clean up after themselves? Does the homeowner have the right to complain?

Of course, the customer should take it up with the window replacement company if there are any unresolved issues or damages. A trusted windows company will ensure that its staff excels customer care from start to finish. Ask around to see if others have had issues with follow up after windows installation.

(Photo via Edward Win)

(Photo via Edward Win)

     3. Level of Experience

Many windows companies do not remain open for a long time. What does this mean for those customers who have opted for an extended or lifetime warranty? 

For this reason, one should choose a windows company that has been around for at least 5 years. In addition, it is imperative to make sure that they are up to date on all of their credentials. The best window company will take every step to ensure that their listening, certifications, and insurance are current and in good standing. 

     4. Rave Reviews

Another way to find the right windows company is to read their online reviews. Replacement windows companies post their customer reviews directly on their website to help draw new customers. It is a good idea to peruse their website for feedback. One should also check out such sites as Google Reviews or Angie’s List to find unbiased reviews as well. 

Word of mouth is another way to get some honest feedback on a windows company. Ask your friends and co-workers which windows company they used for window replacement. Ask detailed questions about their personal experience, from the degree of professionalism to the quality of their product and the installation process. 

     5. Product Selection

Does the window replacement company offer a wide selection of quality windows? Are they Energy Star certified? 

A reputable windows company will offer a vast selection of quality windows in a large variety of styles, designs, and materials. Moreover, their staff will be able to assist you with choosing the right replacement windows for your home. The right windows should be energy efficient as well as functional and durable.

Choosing the right windows can increase the market value of your home as well as reduce your energy costs. Keep these tips in mind when the time for window replacement comes, and you will not go wrong!

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