‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actor Shares 9/11 Close Call And The Flight Change That Saved His Unborn Child

Photo: REUTERS/Sean Adair

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actor Isaiah Washington shared a personal story Wednesday about the 9/11 terrorist attacks and how he narrowly avoided being on one of the hijacked planes.

Washington explained in a couple of tweets that he had been visiting New York with his young son and his wife, who was pregnant with his second son at the time. (RELATED: Isaiah Washington Has Harsh Words For Hollywood Conservatives Who Hide Their Beliefs)

“I remember EXACTLY where I was on this day. Both of my Motorola 2-Way Pagers were buzzing off my nightstand with calls from New York. My Wife and I flew back to LA early during Fashion Week on 9/10. Using the EXACT same flights the morning before 9/11,” Washington tweeted.

Washington added that his wife was “notorious for changing flights” and had insisted on leaving the city a day early, on the 10th. “I pleaded with her to stay for the Michael Jackson Concert at Madison Square Gardens and she refused,” he added.

Her decision, Washington noted, cost him $750k because he was forced “to manage our stranded employees w/h our clothing company, Sold Apparel that eventually shut down.”

But the loss was nothing compared to what he says she saved by ensuring they were not on a flight out on NYC on 9/11. “Her decision on 9/9/2001 saved all of our lives and I’m eternally grateful for her divine instincts,” he concluded.