Democratic Debate Supporters Caught Harassing Police Outside The Venue

Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Henry Rodgers Senior Congressional Correspondent
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A group of Democratic debate supporters were seen harassing police officers Thursday outside of Texas Southern University, where the third Democratic debate is being hosted.

Directly outside of the venue, a large group of anti-Trump protesters showed up in the middle of the debate, screaming a variety of cruel and vicious chants, such as “F*ck the police,” in front of a group of officers standing out front of the University serving as protection. There was also a Mexican flag in the hands of one of the protesters.


Just hours before, a group of climate change activists suspended themselves from a massive bridge in Houston to protest the oil industry and challenge presidential candidates. (RELATED: Climate Change Activists Suspend Themselves From A Houston Bridge Before Democratic Debate)

The group of about a dozen activists dropped down from the Fred Hartman Bridge to protest the use of fossil fuels. The activists had red and yellow flags hanging above them as they dangled from the bridge above the water. (RELATED: Here’s What Voters In Houston Have To Say Before The Third Democratic Debate)

Before the debate started, the protests outside of the University were peaceful, as supporters were carrying the signs for their preferred candidates.