Ryan Mallett Arrested For Allegedly Driving Drunk

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Mallett was arrested Tuesday after allegedly driving drunk.

According to TMZ, the former Arkansas Razorbacks star was arrested after he allegedly crashed his car in Springdale, Arkansas last night. (RELATED: Johnny Manziel Hints He Is Better At Drinking Beer Than Baker Mayfield, Sounds Open To The XFL)

The police claim he blew a .08, which is right at the legal drunk driving limit.


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While a drunk driving charge isn’t the worst thing you could ever be charged with in your life, it’s still not acceptable at all if the allegations are true.

It’s even worse for Mallett because he’s got the XFL draft coming very soon. The last thing he wants heading into Vince McMahon’s new league is to be dogged by a criminal charge.


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Well let’s go then. @xfl #beenhungryforit

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Here’s some free advice for everybody. Don’t drive drunk. Just don’t do it. Ryan Mallett should have more then enough money to get himself a cab.

He played in the NFL for seven years and made nearly $10 million. If he was even okay with his money, then he should have more than enough to pay somebody to take him home.

Instead, he allegedly made the decision to drive drunk. Not smart at all.

Be smart, people. It’s really not that difficult.