Sheryl Crow Weighs In On Taylor Swift’s Masters Controversy

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

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Singer Sheryl Crow admitted she didn’t understand what the big fuss was over Taylor Swift’s Masters controversy.

Crow, 57, said she didn’t know much about the scandal because she doesn’t keep up with the news, according to a report published Thursday by Entertainment Tonight.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” Crow admitted. “I live with my head in a big hole. I stay out of that world.”

However, she did point out that it’s common for artists to not be in control of their masters. (RELATED: Taylor Swift Says She Will ‘Absolutely’ Rerecord Her Old Songs Following Scooter Braun Drama)

“I will say one thing about masters is, you know, I signed with a record label 30 years ago and within five years then it became owned by Interscope and then Interscope got bought by Universal, so these things, that’s just the way the business goes,” Crow said. “It’s totally not unusual for your masters to change hands like 9,000 times. So I don’t know what the big stink was, so I’m kind of out of the loop. So I don’t really know.”

Singer Kelly Clarkson has also weighed in on the masters situation and Swift and claimed that she doesn’t care to own hers.

“I’m just like, ‘Whatever, I’m going to sing them until I’m dead, it’s fine.’ Somebody can make money off it, I don’t care. But hers is [different],” Clarkson said. “Like, I write half or a little more than half of my stuff. And hers is 100 percent of it. So I can see how it would matter to her.”