Kim Kardashian Praises President Trump For Prison Reform: It Was ‘Amazing’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Kim Kardashian did not beat around the bush Friday when she said President Donald Trump completely deserved credit for prison reform.

The comments came during the 38-year-old reality star’s appearance on the ABC talk show while discussing her decision to reach out to the president to get his help with getting Alice Marie Johnson’s sentenced commuted and the passage of the First Step Act. (RELATED: Joy Behar: Female Trump Voters Don’t Know The Difference Between A Predator And A Protector)

“You also went to the White House to speak with President Trump about prison reform last year, and you got a lot of heat from a lot of people I believe in by partisanship on a very basic level,” Meghan McCain explained. “I think we are not going to get anything done unless we’re listening to two different voices, but were you worried about any backlash you were going to get because you did this bill with President Trump?”(RELATED: Meghan McCain Blasts Hollywood ‘Sex Strike’ For Telling Women To ‘Use Their Bodies As Bargaining Chips’)

“I definitely was aware, but for me any of my issues have always been more about the people and not about the politics,” the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star replied. “And so for me to think that I couldn’t go and speak to the man that has the power to change people’s lives because of some opinions I may have of certain policies and issues, to me felt very self-centered.”

“That I was more worried about my reputation than saving someone’s life,” she added. “And so I put that all out the door, and I thought, you know what? I’m going to choose her [Johnson] over my reputation.”

McCain replied that Trump “only tends to listen to celebrities” and praised Kardashian for reaching out because “he [Trump] loves celebrities.”

“Thank you,” the reality star replied. “I felt like I had an open opportunity to do that, and from the president going from being really harsh on his stance on prison reform to changing and actually signing the First Step Act and getting that bill passed, was amazing.”

“Will he still listen to you do you think?,” Sunny Hostin interjected.

“Of course, come on,” McCain snapped back.

Kardashian then explained that aside from “prison reform” she has “brought up some other issues that are close to my heart privately” with Trump and she continues to “have those conversations and to fight for that.”

“But in prison reform, I think I stay focused on that, and I believe, I see there’s so much more he [Trump] wants to do,” the reality star explained. “I have heard that, and so we’ll see if that continues to happen.”

“You know, if you don’t try, you don’t get,” Whoopi Goldberg added, and Kim agreed.