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Afternoon Mirror: Why Doesn’t Mark Halperin Use His Platform To Promote Women?

By TheDC.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“There is a serious risk that after a few more of these debates voters will get very bored.”

Michael Isikoff, chief investigative correspondent, Yahoo News.

MOOD: “No no. It’s good that he reveals himself to be the type of man who would disrespect a much older man in such a manner publicly. I could see such guile in him, so good everyone else has the chance to see it. Castro’s tone was hateful and mocking.” — Brandon Darby, Breitbart News.

Next debate: October 15, Westerville, Ohio

Sponsors: CNN and NYT 

Moderators: Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett

The Observer 

“The degradation of Pence actually cracks me up. Last night Trump couldn’t even get the guy’s fucking name right and today he’s out struttin with his chest puffed out.” — Adam Parkhomenko, Democratic strategist.

The Observer II 

“Holy crap. It’s true. Beto doesn’t sell a man’s shirt. Just women and gender neutral. If you’re a man, you can pay for it by handing over your testicles undoubtedly.” — Erick Erickson, radio host, editor, The Resurgent.

Another thought on Mark Halperin 

“I have no idea how Mark Halperin is supposed to ‘come back,’ but I do wonder what would happen if instead of literally only promoting and RTing himself, he used his platform to promote and RT the great work of others who don’t have 317,000+ followers (including, you know, women).” — Steve Krakauer, former senior digital producer, CNN. (RELATED: Mark Halperin’s Incessant, Annoying Apologizing Needs To Stop)

Fallout on Rush Limbaugh and Krystal Ball 

“New: Rush Limbaugh conceded on his radio show Thursday that his smear about @krystalball ⁦‪having ‘posed nude’ when she was ’14 or 15′ was not true, but he continued to mock her as a ‘hostette’ and former ‘infobabe’ from ‘PMSNBC.'” — Oliver Darcy, media writer, CNN. (RELATED: Krystal Ball Goes After Rush Limbaugh For ‘Slut-Shaming’ Her)

The Debate Reviewers 

“Biden has been pretty spirited in the early going, though he talks too fast and trips his over his words.” — Jim Antle, EIC, American Conservative Mag.

“Most damaging two words of the Dem debate: ‘record player.'” — Robert Reich, Berkeley prof, former Secretary of Labor.

“So far the biggest surprise, at least for me, is what a strong debate @BetoORourke  has had. He sounds passionate and engaged. #DemDebate.”  — Max Boot, columnist, WaPo.


“If youre the kind of person who goes ‘oh yeah I gotta tune in to the ABC online post-debate show’ I want you to unfollow me.” — Oliver Willis, senior writer, Shareblue.

Gossip Roundup 

On ABC’s The View Friday: Meghan McCain asks Kim Kardashian West about grief. Both women have lost their fathers. West said, “We keep his spirit so alive.” Also: One of her sisters has gone to a medium and she highly recommends the book, Embraced by the Light. Whoopi Goldberg nodded, assuring the ladies that the book is excellent.

Meghan McCain sticks up for Joe Biden: “Joe Biden is the grief whisperer – he both understands and communicates the struggle pain unlike any other person I’ve ever met. A leader who understands raw pain and knows how to heal it would be a welcome and needed change in our country. #DemocraticDebate”

Man loses lots of weight

Alex Parker is a “taxsplainer” for Law360.

Marianne Williamson on not being at the third debate: “I’m not surprised they tried to keep me off that debate stage,” she said after the debate at the Writers Guild of American Theater. “When people say that going up on that stage was out of my depth — ladies, and gentleman, there is no depth there.” — The Hollywood Reporter. Read the rest of the story here.

Felicity Huffman and husband, William Macy, arrive to courthouse holding hands. Here.