Myles Turner Tweets At Critics After Team USA World Cup Humiliation

(Photo credit: JAYNE RUSSELL/AFP/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Myles Turner is not happy with American basketball fans ripping Team USA for our pathetic FIBA World Cup performance.

The USA had embarrassing losses to Serbia and France over the past couple days, and we played an appalling level of basketball.

Rightfully so, people, including myself, have been ripping our team left and right. (RELATED: Team USA Loses To France)

Turner isn’t pleased with the reaction from people, and tweeted Thursday that he wouldn’t “tolerate any Slander for our play.”

My man, we just got lit up by the French and some Serbs. America always has the most talented basketball roster on the international stage.

There’s never an excuse to not win gold every time. Back in 2004, we won a bronze medal in the summer Olympics, and fans were ready to revolt. That was the proper reaction.

There’s never a reason to lose, especially to the likes of France. France! We let a bunch of socialist Frenchmen run all over the court on us.

You know how you avoid getting mocked and ridiculed online? You don’t disappoint when the eyes of the world are upon you, especially when you have the best players in the tournament.

There is never a reason for America to lose an international basketball game. Never!

We have the best NBA players on the planet, and even when we send our second-tier guys to play in international competition, they still should be more than good enough to roll the competition.

The fact we didn’t do this time around is nothing short of humiliating. Do better, America. Do much better.