Kathy Griffin Hawks Kavanaugh Impeachment Merch On Twitter Dozens Of Times

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Jake Dima Contributor
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Actress Kathy Griffin flooded Twitter with her own merchandise advocating for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s impeachment, following yet another sexual assault allegation levied against the Yale graduate.

Griffin’s merchandise includes a hat, mug, t-shirt and a koozie all stamped with “IMPEACH BRETT” on a red banner. The website also features multiple items with the words “FUCK TRUMP.”

A count done by the Daily Caller estimates Griffin solicited her merchandise over 80 times through both tweets and replies.


Kathy Griffin "IMPEACH BRETT" merchandise/Griffin's website screengrab

Kathy Griffin “IMPEACH BRETT” merchandise/Griffin’s website screengrab

The New York Times released a report Saturday claiming Kavanaugh “thrust his penis” at fellow Yale student Deborah Ramirez. The allegation comes less than one year after Christine Blasey Ford claimed the now Supreme Court Justice attempted to rape her at a party, but she had little recollection of the event.

The Saturday article rekindled fires within the Democratic party to remove Kavanaugh from his post.

“He must be impeached,” California Sen. Kamala Harris said, according to NBC News.

“I support any appropriate constitutional mechanism to hold him accountable,” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said on Twitter.

Similar calls were also echoed by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and several other top brass Democrats.

The controversial apparel is not Griffin’s first bout in the political arena.

Griffin did a photo shoot in 2017 with a bloodied and severed effigy of President Donald Trump’s head, drawing immense criticism and a Department of Justice Investigation. (RELATED: Portland Man Says He Was Beaten By Bar Mob For Wearing MAGA Hat)

Kathy Griffin's controversial photograph/TMZ YouTube screengrab

Kathy Griffin’s controversial photograph/TMZ YouTube screengrab

Kavanaugh denies the latest accusations, and Trump is backing him. The president has said the allegations levied on the justice call for libel lawsuits.