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Bill O’Reilly Is Back In A ‘BIG’ Way (At Least According To Bill O’Reilly)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Ex-Fox Newser Bill O’Reilly is back and better than ever.

Just ask him.

Breitbart News has a special advertisement for him that has him gushing about himself.

There’s actually a reason O’Reilly, 70, is humble-bragging (light on the humble). He has a new book out called The United States of Trump: How The President Really Sees America. The book is comprised of two interviews with President Trump, which includes one on Air Force One. There are also two interviews with Donald Trump Jr. 

If you’re not salivating right now, I’m not sure what’s going to get you there.

On Sept. 17 (this is tomorrow) at 1 p.m. he’s hosting “The Great American Wealth Project.” The goal? To achieve a seven-figure portfolio, as quickly, safely, and easy as possible.”

Safety is always good when trying to get rich fast.

Once you “reserve your spot” in this presentation, you’ll also “position yourself” to buy his new book for free. Wow, how thoughtful of him. (RELATED: Bill O’Reilly Faces Backlash From Meghan McCain Over ‘Ghoulish’ Ginsburg Tweet)

The ex-cable news host doesn’t have a self-esteem problem. Or else his ego is possibly wildly out of control. But let’s give him the benefit or the doubt and go with the former scenario.

Here is just a sampling of O’Reilly’s latest boasts:

  • I’m the #1 best-selling nonfiction author of all time.
  • He’s the “top-rated cable television host of all time.”
  • It’s my best piece of writing for all time.

In 2017, Fox News showed O’Reilly the door after a bunch of sexual harassment lawsuits against him came to light. He has always denied the allegations. His latest gig is hosting a No Spin Zone podcast.

As the “ME” culture goes, O’Reilly has truly outdone himself.

Better than his probably boring new book, if you haven’t seen Bill O’s three-part interview with Howard Stern, it’s a must watch.