‘Dancing With The Stars’ Ratings Up After One Year Hiatus With Stars Such As Sean Spicer And Hannah Brown

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot Dancing With The Stars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v28P25PsOXQ)

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The premiere of the 28 season of “Dancing With The Stars” took decent ratings Monday night.

The new season features stars such as former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer, ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown, former NBA player Lamar Odom and comedian Kel Mitchell. “Dancing With The Stars” premiered with 8 million viewers, according to a report published by The Hollywood Reporter.

The premiere of the 27 season in 2018 was down 4% from this year’s with 7.68 million viewers. The show received a 1.0 rating both this season premiere and last year’s opening show.

The show was pretty good and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an increase in the amount of viewers over the rest of the season. It’s hard to watch the first episode of “Dancing With The Stars” because the stars are still so awful. (RELATED: Sean Spicer Debuts On ‘DWTS’ In Fluorescent Puffy Shirt)

The increase in audience numbers could have come from multiple things, but Spicer’s spot on the show could have played a role. However, the highly anticipated appearance of the former press secretary didn’t go over well with the judges and he received a score of 12/30.

Spicer wasn’t the worst of the entire evening though as Odom received a score of 11/30.

Actor James Van Der Beek and Brown took home the highest scores of the night with a 21/30 and a 20/30. Fans will be able to vote for their favorites next week.