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Are Russia And China Headed For A Military Alliance? Some Experts Think So


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Yesterday was the first day of a massive Russian-led military exercise. Nearly 130,000 troops from seven nations joined their Russian counterparts for Center 2019, a week-long series of war games on Russia’s southern border. Although China is far the from the only foreign participant in Center 2019, it is by the far the biggest. Beijing sent 1,600 soldiers, 300 pieces of military equipment, and 30 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters to participate in this year’s drills.

Over the past decade, Russia and China have considerably strengthened their military ties amid worsening relations with the United States. The two countries now regularly hold large and increasingly sophisticated joint military exercises. Moscow sells Beijing its most advanced weaponry and top military brass from both countries frequently met to consult on responding to shared threats. (RELATED: Russia Seeks To Cash In On U.S.-China Trade War)