Kevin Spacey’s Accuser Dies In The Middle Of Sexual Assault Lawsuit

(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

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A man who accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault has died.

No details of the accuser’s death have been released, according to a report published Wednesday by The Hollywood Reporter. A notice of the accuser’s death was filed in court by Spacey’s lawyers.

The accuser filed a complaint against Spacey in September of 2018. He accused Spacey of forcing him to grab the actor’s genitals twice during a massage. A month after the two parties came to agreement on a plan that would have ended with a seven to 11 day trial, the plaintiff has died.

Spacey recently avoided legal drama in another case in which he was accused of sexual misconduct. Criminal charges against the actor were dropped during a trial held in Massachusetts. The prosecutors withdrew the charges after the accuser wouldn’t hand over crucial evidence in the case. (RELATED: Kevin Spacey’s Accuser Reportedly Lost Cell Phone Important To The Sexual Assault Case)

A busboy accused Spacey of feeding him alcohol before allegedly groping him. The accuser was 18 years old at the time.

Spacey claimed the phone the accuser used at the time held information that would prove the actor was innocent. However, the phone was never recovered and the case was dropped after the accuser refused to testify about the whereabouts of the phone.