Athens-Clarke County Cancels School For Georgia-Notre Dame Game

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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If you’ve ever wondered just how important college football is in the South, wonder no more.

Athens-Clarke County in Georgia canceled school Friday because of Saturday’s showdown between Notre Dame and Georgia, according to Falcons radio producer Wendy Adams. (RELATED: SEC Season Preview: Will Alabama Win The Conference Again?)

This is awesome and it just further demonstrates why football is so much better in the South. As the SEC’s slogan goes: It Just Means More.

Now, some people will criticize the Athens-Clarke County school district for prioritizing football over education, but I believe there is no greater form of education than college football. When I was in school, I learned more on football Saturdays than I did during the normal school week. (RELATED: SEC Week 7 Preview: The Dawgs Get Their First Test)

There’s no better way to learn about the culture in this region of the country than going to a tailgate, a game, or simply soaking in the atmosphere leading up to the game, especially a game as big as the one that’s set to take place in Athens.

So, props to Athens-Clarke County. They are helping to promote America’s greatest sport to the next generation of Americans.