Columbine Survivor Evan Todd Was Used To Push Beto’s Gun Grab. There’s Just One Problem

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Columbine survivor Evan Todd asked Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke why he wouldn’t take gun bans further.

Todd asked the question at O’Rourke’s Aurora, Colorado, event Thursday — and a number of people were quick to seize on the emotion of the moment, assuming that he was asking because he was in favor of such a ban. (RELATED: Woman Confronts Beto O’Rourke Over His Anti-Gun Policies: ‘Hell No You’re Not’ Taking My Gun)


What most failed to mention was the fact that Todd is an outspoken defender of the Second Amendment. He works as the communications director for a group called Bullets Both Ways and is a vocal advocate for increasing school security and arming teachers. He even authored an open letter to then-President Barack Obama, outlining his opposition to proposed gun control measures.

Todd responded via Twitter, explaining, “I wanted a clear answer from Beto of where he draws the line, but never got one. To answer my own question on if we should ban guns, the answer is: HELL NO! As far as my stance on guns? The Second Amendment supports me.”

ABC presidential campaign reporter Jeffrey Cook noted the correction Friday, tweeting, “And he wasn’t asking for semi-autos to be included in the ban. Todd, according to this tweet, wanted to know if O’Rourke would go there.”

Upon further review of O’Rourke’s response, Todd said that the former Texas Congressman had answered his question after all.

Todd’s stance was further outlined in a recent blog post where he wrote, “The restriction is not on the people, it is on government. The Second Amendment is quite simple. People have the right to protect their life, liberty, and property and the Second Amendment reminds elected servants of this fact. So remember that when a government outlaws guns, gun ownership does not become unlawful, the government does.”