‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Author Claims Warming Oceans Will Cause Traffic Accidents

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Margaret Atwood claimed Friday that her main concern with regard to climate was the warming oceans  which she connected to an increase in traffic accidents.

Atwood, who appeared on ABC’s “The View” to discuss the sequel to “The Handmaid’s Tale,” explained that warming oceans would decrease the available oxygen in the atmosphere and insufficient oxygen to the brain would then cause more traffic accidents.


Joy Behar posed the question, noting that she herself was “obsessed with climate change” and that Atwood had spoken out about the topic in the past. “Really fast, tell me what bothers you the most,” she said.

“Okay. The thing to keep your eye on is the warmth of the ocean,” Atwood explained. “Because if the ocean warms too much, the marine algae that makes 60% to 80% of the oxygen we breathe will die and we’ll choke to death.” (RELATED: Author Of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Thinks Women Will Be Most Affected By Global Warming)

“We’ll have a lot of traffic accidents first because our brains will be oxygen-starved, but that’s the thing that will really do us in,” Atwood continued, adding that the extreme weather systems and superstorms that some climate alarmists have warned about may not even have a chance to have an impact. “If you have no oxygen, you’re not going to be worrying about the monster hurricanes.”