UCLA, Washington State Combine For 130 Points In PAC 12 Thriller

(Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images)

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While the majority of the country was sleeping, they may have missed the most epic college football game of the year.

Chip Kelly’s UCLA Bruins came back from a 32 point deficit midway through the third quarter to stun Mike Leach and Washington State 67-63. The game set several PAC 12 records, including the most combined points and yards in PAC 12 history. (RELATED: SEC Week 4 Preview: Conference Play Kicks Into High Gear)

The most shocking statistic in a game filled with them has to be the fact that Washington State quarterback Anthony Gordon threw for nine touchdown passes in a losing effort. Imagine having nine touchdown passes and watching your team lose?

It was a heartbreaking loss for the Cougars with former star and future NFL Hall of Famer Gardner Minshew in town. (RELATED: Gardner Minshew Says He Tried To Break His Hand With A Hammer To Get More College Eligibility)

It was also a devastating loss for the PAC 12, which is all but eliminated from the college football playoff race before the end of September. Every team in the league outside of California now has a loss.

On the flip side, what a win for UCLA and Chip Kelly. It looked like the game had passed Kelly by, as he was just 3-12 in his first 15 games with the Bruins. Could this win be the start of something special in Los Angeles?

Who knows? But, for one night (and early morning) UCLA and Washington State provided college football fans with one of the craziest games in the history of the sport.