Lorne Michaels Gives Emotional Tribute To Chris Farley After ‘SNL’ Wins Emmy Award

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot FOX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GtQ4odEWmU)

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“Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels got emotional during the 2019 Emmy Awards on Sunday.

Michaels, 74, took time in his acceptance speech to honor the late comedian Chris Farley, according to a report published by Deadline. The creator revealed the episode that had been submitted included Adam Sandler’s Farley tribute.

“This means a lot,” Michaels said during the speech. “The show we submitted was the show Adam Sandler did. He came back to host 24 years after he left, and in middle of the show he did a tribute to Chris Farley, and the crew and the cast and everyone who was in that studio, most of whom worked here when Chris Farley and Adam Sandler were young men, it’s rare that you see a camera man tear up or the boom crew crying. It was a very chilling moment, and very powerful.” (RELATED: ‘SNL’ Star Fired For Old Jokes Practically Predicted How Own Fate With This Sketch)

Saturday Night Live” took home the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series. The Emmy marks the 72nd win “SNL” has grabbed over the last 44 seasons, Deadline reported.

Farley passed away after suffering a drug overdose back in 1997. He spent time on the show with Sandler before the “Happy Gilmore” actor left the show and came back to the show to host this past May.