O.J. Simpson Sounds Off On Antonio Brown, Drops Him From His Fantasy Team

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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O.J. Simpson has officially given up on Antonio Brown.

The former Steelers star went on a bizarre Twitter bender this weekend after being released by the Patriots following allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate text messages. Brown vowed to never play in the league again. Simpson has finally had enough. (RELATED: Antonio Brown Says He ‘Will Not Be Playing In The NFL Anymore’)

“Doesn’t look like he’ll be back this year, and I finally had to push the drop button on my fantasy team. Sorry, really wanted to keep all year,” Simpson said in a Sunday Twitter video for his followers.

Watch his full comments below.

You know you’ve royally screwed up whenever O.J. Simpson, a man who successfully beat a double murder charge, is giving up on you.

Once the Juice is officially shutting the door on you, then it’s probably just time to give up on your career and call it quits.


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I mean, in all seriousness, it’s almost laugh-out-loud funny that O.J. Simpson is the voice of reason on Antonio Brown.

You know you’ve screwed up big time when you’ve lost his support. Again, this is a guy who did years in a Nevada state prison, and that was after being acquitted of charges of killing his ex-wife.

This is the kind of stuff you just can’t make up if you tried.

On a sidenote, I really do hope Simpson’s videos never stop coming. They’re internet gold. He’s talking about getting even one day, and then he’s letting us know he dropped Brown from his fantasy team.

The guy is simply all over the place when it comes to his opinions, and I’m here for all of it.