Swalwell Claims Random Guy Punched Him For Not Impeaching Trump Yet

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Ben McDonald Contributor
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Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell, claimed in a tweet Sunday night that a passenger on his United Airlines flight punched him in the shoulder for not yet impeaching President Trump.

Twitter users almost immediately met the tweet with a heavy dose of skepticism.

Some made jabs about how it made supporters of impeachment look.

Other users tweeted about his general lack of popularity. (RELATED: Swalwell Drops Out Of Presidential Race)

The tweet, which has over 7 thousand replies and counting, is full of people mocking Swalwell and accusing him of making up the event.

The former presidential candidate has made news in the past over his tweets, including one instance where he made a veiled threat to nuke people that don’t comply with a gun ban. (RELATED: Swalwell Warns Gun Owners: Government Could Nuke Them If They Don’t Comply With Potential Gun Ban)

Swalwell recently dropped out of the presidential race after struggling to get past 1 percent in the polls.