Arkansas Quarterback Nick Starkel Destroys Justin Bieber Shirt, Star Singer Is ‘Disappointed’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Arkansas quarterback Nick Starkel is ditching his public fandom of Justin Bieber.

Starkel got torn to shreds by San Jose State this past weekend, and apparently he thinks the Justin Bieber shirt he had on under his pads was part of the problem.

He tweeted Sunday, “Bieber shirt has been ripped in half and thrown away. No more nonsense. No more distractions. All I’m focusing on is this team and this season. Nothing else.”

However, his decision to get rid of the shirt didn’t sit too well with the singer. According to KATV on Monday, the singer posted on his Instagram story that he was “disappointed” in the decision to switch things up and destroy the shirt.

I mean, Starkel had no choice here. You can’t be wearing a Justin Bieber shirt and expect to win football games. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The star singer is Canadian. Last time I checked, the football they play in the CFL is hardly like what we play down here in America.

We’re the country with the nukes, and we’ll be the country that decides what real football is. Starkel should have known rocking with Bieber would have resulted in poor outcomes.


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If I was a coach and my quarterback showed up rocking Beiber gear, he’d be on the bench so fast that his head would be spinning.

No quarterback of mine will ever carry the same energy that Bieber does, and I can promise you that beyond any shadow of doubt.


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Hopefully, Starkel has learned his lesson and won’t repeat the same mistakes.