Trump Takes A Swipe At Obama Administration Over Sending Aid To Ukraine

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Donald Trump took a swipe at his predecessor Tuesday as he spoke to reporters alongside British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the United Nations.

In response to a question about the aid that was temporarily withheld from Ukraine over the summer, the president argued that his administration had done more to help Ukraine than former President Barack Obama.


“I think other countries should be paying,” Trump began, reiterating his claim that other nations should be pulling some of the weight with regard to foreign aid. “Why is the United States the only one paying to Ukraine? I’ve been talking about this a long time. Not only with respect to Ukraine, but a lot of countries. Frankly, why isn’t Germany — I just met with the chancellor — why isn’t Germany, why isn’t France? Why aren’t these countries paying? Why are we paying all the time?”

The president continued adding, “No one has given more to Ukraine. President Obama used to send pillows and sheets. I sent anti-tank weapons, a lot of things to Ukraine. We think it’s very important.”

Trump continued by pointing out that the payment in question, though temporarily withheld, was delivered — and by repeating his claim that other nations should be assisting the United States in providing aid to countries that need it, asking again, “Why is it always the United States that’s paying? … I keep asking the same question. Why is it the United States is always paying these foreign countries, and other foreign countries that, frankly, are much more affected, they are not?” (RELATED: Trump Says He Withheld Aid To Ukraine Because European Countries Failed To Pay Fair Share)

“There was no quid pro quo,” Trump concluded. “Unlike Biden. By the way, what he said was over. Ask how his son made millions of dollars from Ukraine. Made millions of dollars from China, even though he had no expertise whatsoever, okay? What he did was a real problem. With us, there was no pressure applied, no nothing.”