Devin Nunes: ‘Russia Hoax’ Has ‘Transformed Into The Ukrainian Hoax’

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Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes criticized “totally irresponsible” Democratic lawmakers for falling for an “impeachment trap” driven by another “hoax.”

Appearing on Wednesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Nunes pointed out that, while not every Democrat thinks they are doing the right thing, all are “being challenged by the left” to fall into line.


Fox News host Tucker Carlson began the discussion by questioning California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s “mental fitness” for suggesting that President Donald Trump was “doctoring this transcript and then subsequently suggested that he was speaking in some sort of secret code.”

“Well, like many things that Adam Schiff and the Democrats have been saying over the last three years, it’s been nearly three years of this Russia hoax,” Nunes responded. “Now it’s transformed into the Ukrainian hoax. They say a lot of things that always have one thing in common. They end up being false.”

Nunes contended that a serious investigation would take place “behind closed doors” so they can talk about “classified information to try to determine” if the whistleblower complaint is serious.

The California lawmaker told Carlson that “30 or 40” Democratic lawmakers likely “know what they are doing is wrong,” but they are “being challenged by the left.” (RELATED: Former CIA Officer: ‘Pelosi Launched The Titanic Tonight Into A Gigantic Iceberg In November 2020’)

Eventually, the lies become like “pouring gasoline on themselves.”

“They are pouring gasoline on the American people,” Nunes concluded. “They continue to light these fires out there. Why? One for donors. They are igniting their base to have donors give them money. That’s how they have gotten themselves into this impeachment trap, which is totally irresponsible.”