Pelosi Caves On Impeachment, Though Not Really

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On today’s show we discuss the Speaker of the House coming around on impeachment, or did she? Nancy Pelosi is supporting a “formal impeachment inquiry” without actually launching an official impeachment inquiry. Bernie Sanders announces plans to seize the country’s wealth, and a college student who donated a huge amount of money to a children’s hospital receives the “cancel culture” treatment from the media because they’re awful.

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Nancy Pelosi came out in favor of launching a “formal impeachment inquiry” but then did nothing to actually launch one, which would require a vote of the House. She’s trying to have her cake and eat it too. A majority of Democrats in the House support impeachment, but a majority of the House does not, so a vote would not pass. Still, Pelosi is under extreme pressure from the liberals in her party to push forward, so she’s changing the words she’s using without actually changing anything at all. We explain.

President Trump, after Democrats made their intentions clear, immediately announced he was releasing the transcript of his call with the President of Ukraine, the whistleblower report, and would allow the whistleblower to testify before Congress. This has Democrats nervous. Could we be witnessing the greatest political trolling of all time? Did the President allow Democrats to pull enough rope to hang themselves on this so-called scandal? We discuss the possibilities.

Bernie Sanders announced the details of his “wealth tax,” and it’s profoundly unAmerican. Seizing wealth, government agents having access to every record and asset people own, a 60 percent tax on people who attempt to move out of the country, and this is just the start. We have the details.

A college student who held up a sign asking for donations for beer money and ended up raising more than a million dollars for a children’s hospital was outed for having twice tweeted “racially insensitive” things when he was 16 years old. The Des Moines Register “broke” the story in a profile of Carson King, who had a partnership with Anheuser Busch to raise money for the hospital. In response to the “revelation” about the tweets from his high school years, Busch disassociated itself from King. The “cancel culture” claims another victim. This is why people hate the media, and why that hatred is completely justified.

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