Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Will Make A ‘Star Wars’ Movie, Plot Details Aren’t Know

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will reportedly get into the “Star Wars” game.

According to The Hollywood Reporter late Wednesday night, Feige will make a “Star Wars” film for Lucasfilm. Plot details aren’t known at this time. (RELATED: New Chilling ‘Star Wars’ Footage Gets Released)

Feige is the man responsible for having Marvel swimming in cash with all their superhero films.

I have no doubt that Feige can put a solid product in theaters that fans will enjoy. Marvel has been pumping out hits under his leadership, and the “Avengers” films all made a ton of cash.

They were all wildly successful, and that simply can’t happen under poor leadership.

Having said that, do we really need more “Star Wars” movies right now? They’ve been making them seemingly nonstop, and fans just seem to have fatigue.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” arrives Dec. 20. It’ll be the conclusion to a story that has spanned decades, and resulted in millions of fans around the globe.

I’m still not sure we need to keep cranking out movies nonstop. Maybe, just maybe, we can breathe for a moment.

It just seems like there’s no real appetite for more “Star Wars” movies.

However, I’m sure I’ll still see it, and that’s exactly why Disney will continue making them. They know the fans are dedicated, and we’ll pay to see just about anything.

Hopefully, whatever Feige brings to the table doesn’t disappoint.